Jung is a key ring brand born in Bordeaux at the beginning of 2022. We aim to offer you contemporary and wild designs, while respecting nature, whether in the use of organic and recyclable materials in the creations or in our use of renewable packaging.

Thibault and Laury

An enterprising couple and entrepreneurs, we said to ourselves that starting a project together was a good idea. As a nature lover, it was only natural that this component would become the heart of our company. Now that we are fully into it and after many adventures, we love this adventure and cherish every moment. Well, even if sometimes, working as a couple is sporty. 😜

Thibault and Laury

The process of creating our designs

All our creations use organic, recycled or plant-based materials in order to respect nature as much as possible. The designs are made by us, they are then integrated into 3D software for retouching and giving a printable form. Then, it's the Slicer's turn to model the layout for our 3D printers. We put everything on a small SD card then head to the workshop to create the pieces.
A few hours later, we take the pieces off the heating plate and go over all the imperfections one by one by hand to obtain the quality that is important to us. Final step, our little hands add the clasps, the details of certain collections and it's finished! All you have to do is carefully package it, send it and impatiently wait for your return.

We do everything we can to satisfy you as much as possible thanks to our unique know-how. However, as we use organic or plant-based materials, it is possible that under certain conditions such as too much exposure to the sun or extreme temperatures, the key rings may deform slightly. Take care of it and they will give it back to you.


In a desire to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible, all our packaging is plastic free.
♻️ They are all recyclable and are sometimes made from reused materials.